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SGA Fans!!!

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A fanclub for fans of the scifi tv show Stargate Atlantis.
Founded 12 Years ago
Mar 16, 2005

North America

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Fan Club

739 Members
1,067 Watchers
188,682 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Stargate Atlantis - Cover pencils by Mauricio-Melo
Stargate Atlantis 02 Cover by Mauricio-Melo
SGA and transformers by tatyankaWraith
Stargate  by da505
Stargate Life by Dave-Daring
To Love Wraith Tech is to Love Nature by WraithWorshipper
(SGA Worlds) So close... but so far... by utan77
(SGA Worlds) Garden stargate... by utan77
Icons, Manips, Sigs, Banners, Crafts, Memes
Wobbles: Sheppard + Todd by okapirose
TV Series Folder Icons - Pack 98 by DYIDDO
Stargate Collection poster by LordRadim
Stargate SGA Poster by LordRadim
Rodney McKay stamp by Shaka-malaka
Apollonia Vanova by AdaDirenni
Rachel Stamp by AdaDirenni
Weir Stamp by Trounced
Fancomics - Doujinshi
Hive 53 - HCMF - Page 19 by Draco-Stellaris
Hive 53 - HCMF - Page 18 by Draco-Stellaris
Hive 53 - HCMF - Page 17 by Draco-Stellaris
Hive 53 - HCMF - Page 16 by Draco-Stellaris

Mature Content

LoEG the Cabbala by ArcherBlack

Mature Content

Resources, Ships, Space, Stargate, Atlantis
Stargate Atlantis city 20cm model by tomperys
Atlantis gate room screengrab 53 plan view by seachnasaigh
Stargate Atlantis city by tomperys
Another couple of buildings by forgedOrder
Flash, Gif
Live Pegasus Card 01 by karla90
Live Pegasus Card 02 by karla90
Live Pegasus Card 03 by karla90
Live Pegasus Card 04 by karla90
Stargate Competition by Stargatefanatic123
Contest 2 Voting by StargateAtlantisClub
Contest 3 Voting by StargateAtlantisClub
Contest 4 Voting by StargateAtlantisClub
John Sheppard
Routine V1 by DoktorSkiffian
Routine V2 by DoktorSkiffian
Difficult relations (gif) by tatyankaWraith
Joe Flanigan - colored pencil drawing by kad-portraits
Teyla Emmagan
Doctor who/stargate Altantis 2 by TalekJamesSG1
Teyla by Ereschkigal
Field Ops Teyla by TalekJamesSG1
Human Bust Commissions: Types and Prices by teylaemmagan
Rodney Mckay
IMG 0715.edit1 by YugenMayumi
IMG 0713.edit1 by YugenMayumi
David Hewlett Charcoal Portrait by Arc-Su-Namun
ZPM by volkradugi
Elizabeth Weir
Nightfall by karla90
What if Atlantis was destroyed by TalekJamesSG1
Avatar Weir by BellaBlackCrews
Elizabeth Weir - Stargate Atlantis WIP 4 by MidknightStarr
Carson Beckett
Dr. Carson Beckett by DarkenLyght
Nightingale by DarkVeri
Carson by Galadriel34
Paul McGillion, Stargate Atlantis - Carson Beckett by kad-portraits
Radek Zelenka
David Nykl  / Radek Zelenka by RaionK
Zelenka  M7G-677 by volkradugi
Radek with Rodney(2) by AlexE88
David Nykl portrait by Galadriel34
Jennifer Keller
Jewel State Stargate Hottie by Dave-Daring
Keller2 by BellaBlackPM
Keller in Wonderland 02 Lab by karla90
Keller in Wonderland 01 Forest by karla90
Adien Ford
Aiden Ford - Peter Pan by Nebulan
Ronon Dex
April 2016 by Galadriel34
Freedom by Galadriel34
Ronon Dex by MysteriaWraith
Ronon Dex by MysteriaWraith
Evan Lorne
Lorne - Doppelganger 2 by Murtibat
Stargate Soldier by adavesseth
Kavan Smith as Major Lorne by AnyaMax
Major Evan Lorne by Yeoyou
Samantha Carter
Sam Carter - 03.2015 by Maepopi
Avatar Samantha Carter 01 by BellaBlackCrews
Amanda Tapping  Seth by Dave-Daring
Amanda Tapping Abydos by Dave-Daring
Richard Woolsey
Woolsey by Eilidh17
Richard Woolsey by MercuryRapids
Richard Woolsey - Stargate Atlantis by Jeanne-Lui
Stargate Richard Woolsey by jsdu19
Daniel Jackson
Michael Shanks miniature by whu-wei
Stargate Dr. Daniel Jackson arriving at Tumblr by andrecdraws
Daniel Jackson by MysteriaWraith
Daniel Jackson by TheNeenster
Jack O'Neill
Sci Fi People Jack O'Neill by TheGoddess908
Jack O'neill by I-Tharbad-I
Jack O'Neill - Stargate by Jeanne-Lui
Jack by Galadriel34
Wraith, Asgard, Aliens
Wraith Queen Sally by exobiology
Pegasus Riverview Meditation by WraithWorshipper
Wraith Stunner by Pharaoh-Hamenthotep
Summer Heat Wraith by ArcherBlack
Groups - Team
Stargate Atlantis - Cover for Avatar Press by Mauricio-Melo
Sure Thing, Doc by ohnonarwhals
Teyla and Elizabeth by DarthCrotalus
Stargate: Atlantis | Poster by PegasusLantean
Way back home by BlackyKitten
John and Teyla CD BC NW 1 by greencasey2890
John and Teyla CD BC 1 by greencasey2890
John and Teyla CD FC 1 by greencasey2890
Other Characters, Misc.
COMMISSION info 2016 - by Varjopihlaja
Doctor who/stargate Altantis 1 by TalekJamesSG1

Mature Content

humanization Zero Point Module by volkradugi

Mature Content

How to make wraith babies by TalekJamesSG1
Contest 8
Competition Entry Power Ranger by Stargatefanatic123
SGA The A Team by Trigar
Stargate Hogwarts by GeniusBee
Jill's Photo by Nebulan
Contest 9
Three Little Pigs - SGA style by GeniusBee
Teyla Teyla Let Down Your Hair by atlantisflygirl86
Prince Sheppard by atlantisflygirl86
Elizabelle by Lantis-Erin
Contest 10
Be All My Sins Remember'd by The-Black-Addiction
The 7 Deadly Sin of Atlantis by Yeoyou
7 Deadly Sins by Mella68
Powerpuff Common Ground John and Todd by WraithWorshipper
A Hand to Hold by Lantis-Erin
Turning Point by Lantis-Erin
Before and After meme: From This Moment by Lantis-Erin
Teylas Wraith Transmitter Necklace Prop Replica by WraithWorshipper
X699 by talpimado
DSCN1404 by talpimado
Sitting in a Stargate is fun :D by Nyima-chan
Stargate Melissa Oil Painting by misstudorwoman
Evan And Melissa by misstudorwoman
Man of Steel et Stargate Atlantis by VMJML1er
The Raccoon Queen by SilberKugel72
Conventions, Sets, Photography
Jewel Staite and The Hat by Stenun
Atlantis Administrative Office Logo by talpimado
Atlantis Administrative Office Logo (Crafting) by talpimado
SGA Personal Shield by talpimado
Original Characters
Ruins of Larris by talpimado
Extinction by Sorelfaen
Two Friend on Atlantis by talpimado
Full Energy by talpimado
Contest 11
Jennifer Keller by Melody-Kondrael
What if... by Himitsu4Schuu
Dr. Elizabeth Weir by Yeoyou
Something About This Place - Elizabeth Weir by Lantis-Erin
Contest 12
Contest 13
Atlantice couple by Himitsu4Schuu
Todd et Larryn by Vala70
McKay/Weir by PrincessKiara2811
Sheppard/Keller by atlantisflygirl86
Contest 14
Broken Pieces by Fun2day
You shall be rewarded... with a quick death by strawberriepunk
Mina the Wraith Queen by Hellraiser-89
Todd by callmezippy
Contest 15
Extinction by Sorelfaen
Wraith Calendar Project
December 2015.Wraith Calendar. by tatyankaWraith
November 2015.Wraith Calendar. by tatyankaWraith
October 2015.Wraith Calendar. by tatyankaWraith
September 2015.Wraith Calendar. by tatyankaWraith
Contest 16
Skateboarding Atlantis by Mella68
SGA Hobby: Being Worshipped by WraithWorshipper
SGA Hobby: Model Dart Flying by WraithWorshipper
Contest 17
SuperWraith Tania by Hellraiser-89
Past Contest Winners
SuperWraith Tania by Hellraiser-89
SGA Hobby: Being Worshipped by WraithWorshipper
SGA Hobby: Model Dart Flying by WraithWorshipper
SGA - The Audience by Taena-Doman






Don't forget to go wish David Nykl @DNykl aka Radek Zelenka a very happy 48th birthday on February 7th!!!
Don't forget to wish these lovelies a happy birthday next month.

JoeFlanigan (Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard): January 5, 1967
PaulyMcGillion (Doctor Carson Beckett): January 5, 1969
rachel_luttrell (Teyla Emmagan): January 19, 1971
Claire Rankin (Doctor Kate Heightmeyer): January 23, 1974
andersonrdean (Major General Jack O'Neill) - January 23, 1950
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